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Rain the only thing that can stop Mariners


I got a chance to see Hector Noesi throw a few innings live via the new DirectTV app, on the new iPad. Let me tell you the only thing more sick than Noesi’s breaking ball is this new DirectTV app. Noesi was acquired by the Mariners, along with Jesus “The Savior” Montero, for Michael Pineda. I believe when it’s all said and done, the M’s will have pulled the wet wool (it is raining, duh!) over the Yankees eyes in this deal. Pineada is good, but these two prospects are better.



Hector Noesi


The DH Returns an Angel


Dan Haren needs a razor. And a haircut. Cool shades though.

Think Dan Haren wasn’t  a little extra fired up to face his former team, the Arizona Diamondbacks? Think again. The DH went 3 scoreless innings and struck out 7 of the final 8 batters he faced. Who said it’s just Spring Training?

I’m sure glad Haren is in the AL West and the D’Backs, being in the NL West, don’t have to face him. Jered Weaver, Ervin Santana and CJ Wilson are 3 other reasons I’m glad the Angels don’t play in the NL West.

The D’Backs ended up getting Joe Saunders and Tyler Skaggs for Haren in a deal that worked out well for both clubs. Skaggs, who projects to be a future #1 or #2 pitcher for the D’Backs as soon as next season, had a rough first outing. He followed it up today with 2 scoreless innings and a K.

One down, two to go and Matt Kemp

oakland a's-manny-yoenis

"So understand I don't, Manny. Is it cream? Or is it clear? English confusing, no?"

Yoenis Cespedes sure is fun to say. Let’s hope he’s as fun to watch. I have a feeling he’s going to be. Anyone want to bet he goes yard today in his first start with the Oakland A’s? Unfortunately I’m back in San Diego, so I cannot attend the game, but I’ll update his progress as best I can.

Cespedes start brings us to the next question, when will we see the other two top prospects, Jurickson Profar and Mike Trout? I figured for sure Trout would have started every possible game for the Angels, but he has yet to sniff the field. Something smells fishy. Get it? Trout? Fishy?

Same with Profar for Texas. Get on the field. Sometimes I think GM’s baby their prospects a little too much.

Speaking of getting on the field, we’ve had a Matt Kemp sighting. I know, he’s been playing. (Kind of). He went deep yesterday and is gearing up for his 50/50 season. I say the odds of him doing it are less than 50/50. Like way less.

##Cespedes, 2/2 with a walk, a run scored, 2 RBI, a HR and a single. Not bad for your first appearance.

The other Montero

I’ve spent a lot of time discussing Jesus Montero and for good reason. He’s obviously got the talent and he’s playing well this Spring. But let’s not forget there is another Montero who plays catcher. One who has been doing it successfully and consistently for a few years now. Miguel Montero, the D’Back, is a baller. And if you don’t believe me, just check out his new ride. Goodness gracious. And that’s without a long term deal. Thanks to Steve Gilbert, MLB beat writer for AZ, for the pic.


Break up the Mariners


Montero's future so bright, gotta wear shades.

All that hype. All that talk. Pujols. CJ Wilson. Yu Darvish. Angels. Rangers. Even the Athletics. Manny. Cespedes.

And here we sit. The Seattle Mariners have the best record in all of the Cactus League. They are now 6-1, plus 4-0 on the road. Not that it means much in Spring Training. Not that any of those wins mean a damn thing in Spring Training. Still with Jesus Montero, Justin Smoak and Dustin Ackley, the M’s have some serious talent to build around. Each of them are playing extremely well this Spring. Throw in “The Condor”, aka Michael Saunders, and Carlos Peguero and Seattle looks a little sunnier. Although at 6’5″ 245 lbs, Peguero would blot out the sun should he make it to SafeCo Field. Something tells me the Mariners would have no qualms about playing in the shade if he continues to tear the cover off the baseball.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve had a Ryan Braun sighting. Although with the glare coming off his smile lately, I’m not sure it was him.

No, R-Breezy wasn’t holding another press conference with his hair perfectly quaffed. He actually decided to work today and in the process lost a baseball with a 2-run HR. Good for him. I’m sure he’s clean. And by that I mean, showered after the game today. Maybe he even used a little Axe body spray while he was at it.


What Yu Talkin’ About, Darvish?


Got my first look at Baby Japanese Jesus today, although it was via live streaming video. I wish I was there in person. Would have been fun to see.

Anyway, I watched the first inning versus the San Diego Padres. Yu struck out Cameron Maybin looking on a nasty curveball. He also fanned Carlos Quentin on a slider that CQ missed by a foot.

Darvish 1 – MLB 0.

Straight Cash, homie

Andrew Cash Money Cashner was acquired from the Cubs by the San Diego Padres for 1st baseman Anthony Rizzo, both clubs essentially swapping top prospects. The difference is, Cash Money throws the ball hard. Like really hard. Like on Sunday, between 100-103 MPH hard. Cashner threw ten pitches in a scoreless appearance, striking out two. All ten pitches were fastballs. Umm, duh. If you threw 100+, you’d be throwing nothing but gas, too.

Move over Aroldis Chapman and Stephen Strasburg (SDSU in the house), there’s a new flame thrower in the National League. Now there is a 100+MPH pitcher in each division in the NL. Josh Byrnes strikes again.

For more on the Rizzo/Chashner deal, check out our Unofficial Guide to Spring Training.