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Player, Please! Oakland A’s Player Wives.


A recent ESPN article titled Chicks Dig the Ground Ball, featured on the ESPN Mag cover, Brandon McCarthy and his wife, Amanda McCarthy. Thanks to the magazine, it’s come to my attention that the Oakland A’s are stacked with talent. Maybe not so much when it comes to on the field athletes, but definitely when it comes to their rather attractive wives. I know, I know, every team has hot players’ wives. I chose to focus on the A’s for no other reason than I haven’t written about them much lately.

My favorite couple is Eric Sogard, ASU and his wife, Kaycee Sogard, Phoenix. Any chance I get to rep ASU you know I’m going to do it. Especially with as crappy as they have been in every single sport lately. Anyhow, Kaycee Sogard and AMC are friends, it’s kind of fun to follow them on twitter. You know, just to see how the others live.


I used to hate on Manny Ramirez a lot. I mean, let’s face it, he’s done tons of dumb shit. Why else would he get the moniker Manny Being Manny? Now, I feel kind of bad for the guy. I wish him success with the A’s and it would be cool if he and Yoenis Cespedes could somehow recreate that BashBoy Magic ala the late 80’s. One thing Manny definitely did right? Choosing his baby’s momma.


manny being manny wife

While we’re on the subject of player’s wives and having absolutely nothing to do with the Oakland A’s, let’s play a little word association. What comes to mind when I say, “Casey Daigle.” Some of you may know where I’m going with this. Congratulations. Wait for it. Others likely say, “Who?”. Some may know him as a former major league pitcher with the Arizona Diamondbacks, although I use the term pitcher loosely. He was more of a guy who pretended to act as a pitcher and gave up a lot of runs to the opposition. He could have used some tips from his wife, ex Arizona Wildcat (meow) and USA softball superstar, Jennie Finch.

Oh and sticking with the having nothing to do with the Oakland A’s theme, but plenty to do with WestSide Culture and Jennie Finch. Some of you know about my new found obsession in Kate Upton. My only question is, why, for the love of baseball gods, did the photographers at the 2011 All-Star game in Phoenix only get this one picture of K-Up and JFinch together? Really? That opportunity and you get one photo. Well, at least Erin Andrews made it in there too. (As a side note, if anyone knows who the 4th girl is in the photo, let me know in the comments below. In my dreams, I like to pretend its Zoe Saldana of Avatar and Colombiana lore.

(Credit where credit is due): Juliana Ramirez photos courtesy of : Flickr Manny Ramirez 24


Cactus League Preview: Arizona Diamondbacks

Here at WestSide Culture, we like to save the best for last. So, our final Cactus League Spring Training Preview will be the Arizona Diamondbacks. Last year, the D’Backs came from nowhere, pulling the worst-to-first rabbit out of their 59FIFTY caps. This year Los Diamondbacks have el gigante target (yo no se the spanish word for “target”) on their backs.

Arizona’s pitching staff is stacked like the dishes in my sink. Ian Kennedy, Daniel Hudson, Trevor Cahill, Josh Collmenter have all proven themselves at the big league level to be very, very good. Kennedy was in the running for the NL Cy Young a season ago. His record of 21-4 with a 2.88 ERA is downright disgusting. Others to watch on the AZ staff are prospects Tyler Skaggs and Trevor Bauer, who apparently has 9 big league pitches. Both feature top-notch, ace like stuff. Joe Saunders will eat up innings, probably some doughnuts, too. The bullpen is lights out with David Hernandez and closer J.J. Putz.

Any excuse I have to show Kate Upton playing baseball, I'll use.

Expect the D’Backs offense, which finished 2011 ranked 9th overall in runs scored, to be even more powerful this year. Justin Upton (not to be mistaken for Kate ‘meow’ Upton) is an MVP candidate. J.D. Drew will be back from an injury which forced him to miss much of 2011. His bat, along with new D’Back Jason Kubel’s stick, give the Snakes serious venom.

NL Manager of the Year, Kirk Gibson, promises his team will remain hungry. I say, “If hungry is what they need, than let them fast.” D’Backs win over 95 games and repeat as NL West Champs.

Bet on it. Just don’t blame me if you roll Snake eyes.