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Fun with Stats… Cactus League Style

So, I finally found a place where you can get some Spring Training stats. And by some, I mean all. Check it out here. Of course, I should have figured it would come from mlb.com.

Anyway, they are not West Coast, nor do they play in the AL West, but the KC Royals do play in the Cactus League and they are all kinds of exciting. Not to mention all kinds of talented. Look out for the Royals this year. And yes, I am serious.

Cactus League Leaders

RBI – Eric Hosmer, KC Royals (17)

AVG – Lorenzo Cain, KC Royals (.500) – and that is a true .500, not a “I batted 4 times and got 2 hits” .500; he is currently 17/34 and one of the top prospects in baseball.

2B – Lorenzo Cain, KC Royals (7)

SB – Gregor Blanco, SF Giants (9) – Who? Yeah, Gregor White (Blanco means White). Batting .419, 18 hits in 43 AB’s, 9 steals. Those are #1 fantasy draft pick type numbers. Not that I’m suggesting you take him #1 (or at all) in your fantasy draft.

HR – Carlos Peguero, SEA Mariners (4) – There are a bunch tied at 4 so I’m just going to list my favorite. At 6’5″ and 245 lbs, there’s a lot to like. Literally. And physically.

ERA – C.J. Wilson, LA Angels (0.64)

Wins – Luis Mendoza, KC Royals (4) – In 4 starts. Oh by the way, 12 K in 11 IP, and just 1 ER for a 0.77 ERA.

K’s – Felix Hernandez, SEA Mariners (17)


The Trout Farm: Officially Open for Business


Now it makes sense. They've been hiding him because he's booked for bobble head night in Cedar Rapids. I mean it's Cedar Rapids! And Kernel's At The Park. Can't miss it.

Mike Trout is not ready for the regular season. In fact, he’s not even ready for Spring Training. Going into the Spring, I was hoping he’d show off enough skills to get him onto the Angels roster for Opening Day. Alas, he did not play. At all. But, Ladies and Gentlemen, have no fear… We’ve had a Mike Trout sighting. He started the Angels v Royals game, going 0/3 with a walk and a K. I’ll get to see him play in person, next week at Scottsdale Stadium. (Provided he’s playing. At this point, I’m guessing he will be. Has a lot of ground to make up). Here we go, Angels fan going to yell at me about why he wasn’t playing. Speaking of Here We Go, anyone else see that Bud Light commercial? With the dog? Come on now, that is some funny ish.

C.J. Wilson, 5 innings, 5K, 0BB, ready for the regular season.

Jordan Walden? Goodness gracious. 0.1IP, 5H, 4R, 4ER. The good news? He didn’t walk anybody. Walden’s got a 108.00ERA this Spring. Suffice to say, that’s not good. Maybe he’ll be in Cedar Rapids, too. Double the promotion. Double the fun. 2,000 bobble heads!

The DH Returns an Angel


Dan Haren needs a razor. And a haircut. Cool shades though.

Think Dan Haren wasn’t  a little extra fired up to face his former team, the Arizona Diamondbacks? Think again. The DH went 3 scoreless innings and struck out 7 of the final 8 batters he faced. Who said it’s just Spring Training?

I’m sure glad Haren is in the AL West and the D’Backs, being in the NL West, don’t have to face him. Jered Weaver, Ervin Santana and CJ Wilson are 3 other reasons I’m glad the Angels don’t play in the NL West.

The D’Backs ended up getting Joe Saunders and Tyler Skaggs for Haren in a deal that worked out well for both clubs. Skaggs, who projects to be a future #1 or #2 pitcher for the D’Backs as soon as next season, had a rough first outing. He followed it up today with 2 scoreless innings and a K.

Break up the Mariners


Montero's future so bright, gotta wear shades.

All that hype. All that talk. Pujols. CJ Wilson. Yu Darvish. Angels. Rangers. Even the Athletics. Manny. Cespedes.

And here we sit. The Seattle Mariners have the best record in all of the Cactus League. They are now 6-1, plus 4-0 on the road. Not that it means much in Spring Training. Not that any of those wins mean a damn thing in Spring Training. Still with Jesus Montero, Justin Smoak and Dustin Ackley, the M’s have some serious talent to build around. Each of them are playing extremely well this Spring. Throw in “The Condor”, aka Michael Saunders, and Carlos Peguero and Seattle looks a little sunnier. Although at 6’5″ 245 lbs, Peguero would blot out the sun should he make it to SafeCo Field. Something tells me the Mariners would have no qualms about playing in the shade if he continues to tear the cover off the baseball.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve had a Ryan Braun sighting. Although with the glare coming off his smile lately, I’m not sure it was him.

No, R-Breezy wasn’t holding another press conference with his hair perfectly quaffed. He actually decided to work today and in the process lost a baseball with a 2-run HR. Good for him. I’m sure he’s clean. And by that I mean, showered after the game today. Maybe he even used a little Axe body spray while he was at it.


El Hombre es playing

I’ve heard Sir Albert really likes it when you call him El Hombre. I look forward to when he plays on the road and fans bust out large El Hombre signs. Actually that will probably just make him mad, something you definitely don’t want to do when he’s playing your team.

Mr. Pujols played his first Cactus League Spring Training game today and went 2/3 in the process. He had a double and RBI. The other Angels newcomer, CJ Wilson pitched 2 scoreless innings against the Oakland A’s.

bmc and amandamc

And I always thought chicks dug the long ball.

Manny Ramirez still does not have a hit this spring and is 0/5 as an A. Josh Reddick and Brandon Allen continue to tear the cover off the ball. Yoenis Cespedes has not played yet, but is getting closer. Excited to see what he does. There could be something to this A’s squad. Plus, if they are terrible, there’s always my boy, Run BMC and his girl, Amanda McCarthy.

Elsewhere in WC Baseball (that’s West Coast abbreviated), the Mariners played my now hometown San Diego Padres. Carlos Quentin got his first Spring Training action this year with a 2/2, double, single, walk appearance. Just missed a home run and triple for the rich man’s cycle. I don’t know what that means, but I think it involved the walk part of the cycle. Speaking of rich men (that doesn’t sound good coming from me), the newest Millionaire, Cameron Maybin did not play today. I’d take the day off too if I just received $25M. Good signing for Los Friars and my man, JB.

I love me some Andy Van Slyke. This whole post has some rather gay overtones to it. Not sure what that’s all about. Anyway, the AVS produced a very talented ball player in Scott Van Slyke. That dude can flat out mash a baseball. I hope he makes the big league squad. He’ll be fun to watch. Van Slyke, the younger one, had a two run HR for the Dodgers today to help his case.

Los Giants are under the lights tonight in Scottsdale or as I like to call it, the mean streets of Scottsdale or just plain Scottsdiggity. Interesting the two places I’ve lived in my life both have SD. Lots of initials and abbreviations today, too. Not sure. Maybe it has to do with the Mayan calendar. WSC out.

Making Moves: 6 Free Agent Signings I’m Most Excited About

Both the NL West and AL West continue to be the hotbeds of activity in baseball. The latest signing of Yoenis Cespedes only adds to the excitement of what will be an incredible year of baseball on the West Coast. Let’s take a look at WSC’s favorite free agent signings of the 2011-2012 off-season.

Yoenis Cespedes, Oakland A’s – He is going to be fun to watch. I haven’t seen much video, but what I have seen is a sweet swing with opposite field power. Reminds me of Sammy Sosa.

Albert Pujols, LA Angels – The Machine. Enough said.

CJ Wilson, LA Angels – Slots in very nicely to an absolutely dominating rotation. Weaver, Haren, Wilson, Santana. Nasty.

Yu Darvish, Texas Rangers – Hey, if the Yu fits, wear it. Can’t wait to see him pitch a full game versus big league talent. $60 Million. How many Yen is that?

Aaron Harang, LA Dodgers – The man born in San Diego, went to San Diego State and played last season for the Padres will head north up the I-5 to Hollywood. Kershaw and Harang will make a deadly 1-2 combo.

Melky Cabrera, SF Giants – The Milk Man delivers. I don’t know what that means. Giants will be a solid team this year. Last year they couldn’t score any runs. With a few lineup changes and Buster Posey back, how will they do this season?

We don’t have much longer to wait. Baseball is upon us. Who are you most looking forward to seeing play?

Cactus League Spring Training Preview: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim


Arte Moreno continues to show off his deep pockets, successfully obtaining the two best free agents of the off-season, on the same day. On December 8th, Albert Pujols signed a 10-year, $240 million contract and C.J. Wilson inked a five-year, $77.5 million deal.

The Angels, with Dan Haren, Jered Weaver, C.J. Wilson and Ervin Santana have arguably the league’s best pitching staff. Now, with Pujols, they might have MLB’s best hitter, too. Still, winning the AL West is far from a guarantee as the Texas Rangers have a rather large say in what happens in the division.

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (I still dislike that name) feature an extremely talented team, stacked with prospects, stars and veteran role players. Look for Vernon Wells and Torii Hunter to rebound with the protection Pujols brings to the lineup for them. Mike Trout and Mark Trumbo are both up and coming stars. Howie Kendrick and Eric Aybar are both studs up the middle and Peter Bourjos had a great first season in the bigs last year. Plus, defensively in center field he can catch just about anything.

The pitching staff is top notch, domination waiting to happen, although a few questions do remain in the bullpen where the Angels may need to acquire some depth. Jordan Walden is a good, young closer, yet his 9 blown saves last season leave room for improvement.

Bottom line, there are only two things that can stop the Angels from winning the West. Their bullpen and the Texas Rangers.