All Eyes On Me

bryce harper eyes eye black

Here we go. Mr. Saturday night. As if this game couldn’t get any bigger. As if it wasn’t already between the 2 best NL teams. As if Stephen Strasburg wasn’t making his Southern Cali debut. As if Matt Kemp wasn’t a big enough name for you.

As if.

Bryce the Hype Harper makes his major league debut and the stage couldn’t get much bigger, at least for a regular season game. Los Angeles. Chavez Ravine. Hollywood.

Under the lights. Yup. Seems about right.

No pressure though kid. And yes Harper, at 19, is a kid.

Well, let’s see what you got, son. The world is watching.

## UPDATE: Lost in all the Nats/Dodgers hoopla, Mike Trout made his major league debut Saturday. Hitless. 0/4. Trout batted lead-off for the Angels who won 2-1 over Cleveland. We like Trout here at the Culture, hoping he and Pujols can get things going for the Angels who are terrible so far this year.

## UPDATE: Harper finished the game 1/3 with his first major league hit, a double over Matt Kemp’s head in center. He also added the go-ahead run in the 9th with a sac-fly RBI. Dude looks like the real deal. And I’m digging the mohawk/mullet thing he’s got going on.



  1. This is a very simple game...

    Actually, Mike Trout made his Major League debut last season. He was called up when Peter Bourjos injured his hamstring and then again in Setember. In fact, there was a slight bit of controversy with MLB talking about counting the time in between the two call ups as time played in the majors which would have made 2011 Trout’s rookie season by something like 5 games…that he didn’t play in. Fortunately saner heads prevailed. Regarding Harper, hype, overhype or c, all of the above, the kid (totally agree with you on the kid part, and I wish folks would remember that when they feel like booing him) is just plain fun to watch. He is really talanted and clearly having a ball playing the greatest game there is. I may have to pick up the extra innings pack or something so I can catch some Nats games. 🙂
    — Kristen

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