Melky Cabrera is ready for the Regular Season

giants fans scottsdale spring training

My nephews show excitement over just about everything. Madden, milk and Melky top the list though.

The Milk Man is delivering. These days, it doesn’t come in handy glass bottles and dropped off on your doorstep. It comes in the form of mammoth home runs deep into the lawn seats at Scottsdale Stadium. One of his shots almost hit the Salty Señorita patio in right field, where they do have glass bottles, but they ain’t filled with milk.

On Tuesday, Melky homered from both sides of the plate. How do you follow that up? Well, it’s tough, but how about a 3/3 performance with an RBI and run scored. I know, not quite as impressive, still three hits is solid no matter what league you’re batting in.

Quick Cactus League notes…. Jeff Samardzija pitched three scoreless innings with 3K’s as he makes his case for the Cubs starting rotation… Manny Ramirez has an injury, that didn’t take long…. Jesus Montero continues to impress for Seattle, adding 2 more hits to his total…. don’t look now but the Mariners are 5-1…. Josh Reddick had another 2 RBI for the A’s…. APB Alert, MIA Yoenis Cespedes, Jurickson Profar, Mike Trout… Wednesday marked a day of hitters catching up with pitchers… Tattooed were Trevor Cahill 3ER, Tyler Skaggs 4ER, Jonathan Sanchez 3ER, Tim Lincecum 5ER, all of those in one or two innings for each of them.

Deuces. WSC.


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