Cactus League Spring Training Preview: Colorado Rockies

Can somebody please tell me what that mascot is? A dinosaur? A Rhino? So confused....

It’s the NL West where anything can, and usually does happen. For example: everyone thought Arizona would finish at the bottom of the division last season. The previous year people picked San Diego to finish last and they nearly won the division. That year, many had the Giants near the bottom of the NL West and they won the World Series. It just goes to show you how wide open the NL West is.

I could make a strong case for any team to win the NL West, except the Rockies. Their pitching, with a few miracles could be good, but everything would need to go their way. Jhoulys Chacin is a stud and should lead the staff. Drew Pomeranz will be a legit ace in the majors, but he’s still very young. After that, it’s a grab bag.

Their next best pitcher, Jorge De La Rosa, is recovering from Tommy John surgery. Following him is Juan Nicasio, who broke his neck last season after being hit in the head from a line drive. Alex White was supposed to be the real deal, but his ERA of 7.01 last season raises questions. Recently acquired Jamie Moyer will be turning 50.

Rockies Senior Citizens

Jason Giambi tries to overhear Todd Helton discussing Casey Blake's recent move to catcher.

In the line-up, yes there is Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki. Jason Giambi is 110 years old. Todd Helton is 108 years old. Casey Blake is the same age as Helton. The next youngest person in their infield is Marco Scutaro, which at 36 is a baby on this roster.

I do like their top prospect, third baseman Nolan Arenado, who was the MVP of the Arizona Fall League this off-season. He is rated as the 22nd overall prospect in MLB and should make the big league club. Let’s face it, he has to be better than a 108 year old Casey Blake, right?

Originally, I picked Colorado to finish 4th in the NL West, but after seeing the team Josh Byrnes is building in San Diego, I am putting the Rockies dead last. Sorry, Rockies fans.

There is something about Colorado where they always seem to hang around, but this year I just don’t see it. Get out your favorite tumbler, some booze and drink it on the Rox. It’s gonna be a long season.

Fearless prediction: 71-91. Last in NL West.

Up next in our Spring Training Preview is the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.



  1. jaredean

    your first paragraph sets up the rest of your prediction – the Rockies, in your mind, will be the worst – just like the Padres in 2010, Giants in 2010 and Diamondbacks in 2011…i’ll take it.

  2. jo

    this is complete bullshit and you have a very biased and not very well thought up explanation as why they won’t be good. The dodgers have less of a chance than the rockies do, but every single team has a chance

    • westsideculture

      Jo, normally I would not approve profanity in my comment fields, but I can tell you are passionate. Yes every team has a chance, but there is no way the Rockies finish with a better record than the Dodgers. LA has Kershaw, Kemp, Ethier, Gordon, Harang, Loney, Capuano, Billingsley and descent prospects.

      Honestly, I know you’re a Rockies fan, but try to be unbiased and tell me besides Tulo, an aging Helton and Carlos Gonzalez, who do the Rox have? I like their prospects and their future, but not this year. Sorry man.

      • jo

        Sorry for that. I do realize that the Dodgers are kind of loaded, but they had the same exact players last year, and where did that land them? The Rockies now have a consistent right fielder(Cuddyer), a center fielder in Dexter Fowler who can be as good as he was in the second half last year(if not, I see him being trade bait), Charlie Blackmon as our fourth oufielder (showed a ton of promise last year before getting injured), Casey Blake to be a veteran until Nolan Arenado is ready to play(Blake has always played well against the Rockies), Scutaro at second base(who will most likely hit around what he hit like last year with the Red Sox), Chacin(who at the least is a number 2 starter, but is the Rockies ace and has great stuff), a veteran pitcher in Guthrie, Juan Nicasio(who should come back strong and showed a lot of talent last season), a great bullpen(being anchored by guys like Rafael Betancourt, Matt Belisle, and Rex Brothers), and some pretty intriguing prospects in Pomeranz, White, Chatwood, Bettis, Rosario, and Pacheco. I have not even mentioned De la Rosa who will return in June most likely. We also have almost a new pitching coach in Jamie Moyer, who, if nothing else can bring a veteran leadership and help develop our young arms. We also have Ramon Hernandez behind the dish who is an improvement over Iannetta and should help bring Rosario(one of the top prospects in all of baseball along with Arenado) around. I’d say for all I just said, the Rockies are not even close to losing that many games and I do not see them finishing below .500, and could make a very deep run at the playoffs if some things work out, if not then this is a development year and look for very strong Rockies baseball for years to come. I do not see them finishing last though or fourth. I see them finishing third or better, and for sure having a chance at both the wild card and the division. Remember, in the case of almost all Colorado franchises, whenever everybody counts them out, that is when they shine the most.

  3. Tony Z

    There’s no doubt that the Rockies will score runs this year (In my honest opinion, I think they’ll be one of the most complete lineups 1-8 in the NL West), but the pitching staff remains the big uncertainty. The Guthrie pickup was nice, but probably not enough. The Rockies are counting on a lot of “unprovens” to fill up innings this year, and the front office is definitely stockpiling talented arms. I do, however, believe that the Rockies will not finish dead last in the NL West, and could surprise many, including yourself this year.

    BTW-“Dinger” is the name of their mascot. He is in fact a dinosaur, which came to fruition when construction workers accidentally came across pre-historic dinosaur bones & fossil’s at the site during the construction of Coors Field.

    • westsideculture

      Tony, I would love to see it. The better the competition, the better the division. NL West and AL West are both going to be fun to watch this year. And yes the Rox are indeed stockpiling arms.

      Thanks for the update on Dinger. I like it.

  4. brad

    WORST PIECE OF WRITING I HAVE EVER READ …. you make no sense . You obviously should find something to write about that you retain knowledge of.

  5. Really?

    Wow, this may be the most poorly written article I have ever read. Not to mention, he obviously has no idea what he is talking about. Chacin a stud, Pomeranz a legit ace and De La Rosa the next best pitcher. Chacin and Pomeranz both have great upside but De La Rosa is a much better pitcher, at least when recovers. Ha, where did they find this guy? I can go to a local high school and find a teenager to write a better article then this douche.

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